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Photo of being overstressed by Rick Osborn, wellness coach, holistic health practitioner

Too Much Stress & Your Health

Stress, unmanaged over time will kill you – period. If you doubt this, well…, in my humble opinion, you’re only hurting yourself. I think most people know this at some level, but don’t really take it heart due to its subtle nature. Still, what I think most people don’t realize is how stress can make […]

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Being Thankful for the Trial

Being Thankful for the Trial

I’m just sitting here today at the beach. It’s early morning and as I watch the sun break just above the ocean, I can’t help but think about how thankful I am, just to be healthy and alive. This morning, God brought some bible verses to mind, specifically from the book of James in the […]

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Image of dog chasing tail at, life coach, minister, counselor in Raleigh, NC

Tail Chasing 101

If you’re like many people, you’re probably doing a lot of “tail chasing”. Are you worn out yet? People ponder and ask the age old question (one which I know the answer to) – “Is there life after death?” But today, I ask you, “Is there life BEFORE death?”

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About Worry During a Troubled Economy

“In light of the economic chaos and unemployment that continue to pervade our country and world – in light of our personal distress, discomfort and worry, I thought it only appropriate to remind us all of what the Scriptures say about worry – since so many of us are on “high alert” these days. . […]

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