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Refer A Buyer for Rick Osborn’s Art and Receive Free Personal Coaching

As some of you may or may not know, besides personal coaching, I am an artist in my spare time. Painting provides a place of solitude and helps me balance out the work I do as a personal life and wellness coach.

I’ve had the good fortune to sell a lot of my art to various collectors as of late. But, due to the number of larger paintings that I’ve created, I’m at the point of moving my paintings to an art gallery for sale. Before I take that route, I thought I’d try my hand at using social media to put my art directly into the hands of art collectors and bypass the gallery setting. Don’t misunderstand!  I love Art Galleries.  They provide a wonderful service for artists, but they also take their fair share of the profits.  Since we’re living in an unprecedented time where social media clearly connects and brings people together, I’m going to first try this unique venue to move my art.

This is where YOU come in…

Send me an Art Buyer in Exchange for Free Coaching!

That’s right, maybe I’m crazy, but I love helping people through coaching and I love painting and selling my art – so why not combine my passions and kill two birds with one stone?

Almost every day I hear people say…

“Oh, I wish I could afford a Personal Coach to help me with…(insert problem here)…but I just can’t afford it right now.”

Well, here’s your chance to grab four (4) FREE coaching sessions with me for every $500 in art sales that you send my way. Maybe you can’t afford coaching right now, but you know someone who loves art – more particularly “Rick Osborn’s Art!

Ok, so to be very clear, here are the rules and expectations of this little arrangement, just so there’s no confusion.

How the Process Works to Get Free Coaching

  • You refer a person to me who BUYS a piece of art.
  • You and the person you’re referring LIKE/Follow Me on Facebook.
  • The Buyer names YOU as the Referrer and gives me your contact information.
  • Every piece of art sold($500 or more) gets YOU 4 FREE Coaching sessions. This includes Commissioned work as well.
  • Once an art purchase is complete, I will contact you to set up an initial coaching consultation and set appointments for all four sessions. These sessions can take place in Raleigh, NC if you’re local, or by Skype, FaceTime or phone call.

What’s Involved with a Coaching Arrangement

As you know by now, I have a number of areas that I focus on when coaching individuals. Feel free to look around my website and check out my articles and information. I think you’ll see very quickly what I do and specialize in. But, for brevity, here are some of the areas. During our coaching sessions, you can pick and choose a focus according to your need(s):rick-osborn-portrait-example

  • Weight loss, fitness and exercise
  • How to cook healthy
  • Nutrition and Diet Implementation
  • Help with relationships
  • Help with changing careers
  • Spiritual counseling
  • General problem solving
  • Coping with Anxiety and or depression

Art Lessons?

That’s right! As of late, I’ve had interest from several people to teach art lessons. If this is an interests you, you may opt to spend each of these individual coaching sessions painting with me. We can discuss color, perspective, work in oil and acrylics, and learn how to create a complete work of art. Again, this is a great deal to get these lessons free. All you have to do is send me a collector who wants to buy my art!

That pretty much covers it. My last suggestion would be to take advantage of this as soon as possible, as I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to make this offer. If it picks up, I’ll have to end it pretty soon. For now, what have you got to lose? It’s a pretty sweet deal.

If receiving free coaching or art doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you know someone who might benefit or be interested. Please feel free to use the share buttons on this page, send it to a friend, and/or blast it all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like!

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