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Recently, my buddies over at interviewed me for their radio podcast. In the interview, they asked me a lot of questions about my coaching, health issues, real food and nutritional consulting, etc. Below, is a reprint of what they posted on their blog page. A special thanks to Steve Wright for a great interview. I hope you enjoy!

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Do you remember the first cell phone you owned? How different it was to not be attached to the wall anymore?

Now you made calls on the road and were instantly connected to the loved ones in your life. Okay admit it, at first it was a bit weird. Exciting, but weird.

Today, it’s the new normal. Who doesn’t have a cell phone? Not many. This trend happens in every area of life, where the new, the interesting and the weird become normal. Including our health.

Have a headache? Take a pill. Have a gut ache? Take a pill. Don’t want babies? Take a pill.

These are all normal now. No one would look at you funny for doing them.

But this was not the case 50 years ago. In fact, these days I would argue the new normal is unhappy, unhealthy and suffering.

Headaches, fatigue, sleep issues, acid reflux… none of these are okay. They are signs of growing health problems. Unfortunately, they are normal in our society.

This is why I got in touch with Rick Osborn of to come on the show and discuss his experience coaching high level executives and overcoming his own health challenges.

Rick’s background is diverse and impressive, with a beginning in ministry and then naturopathic school, finally culminating with high level coaching. He’s done his homework on all the angles of how to help someone to full wellness. He helps a wide range of people, whether it’s overweight and fatigued or IBD… he’s seen it all.

You’re going to want to hear this! You can listen to the show below.

Show Topics:

8:50 – Common mistakes most people make with food and medication on a daily basis

13:38 – Rick clears the air on PPI’s and other societal health problems

17:21 – Why it’s not normal to have acid reflux, constipation and exhaustion

21:30 – Do our kids eat real food these days?

30:18 – What do cow’s eat? (It’s not as simple as you think)

38:21 – What are the most inflammatory foods Rick takes out of people’s diet?

46:23 – Do PPI’s (acid medications) mess with your brain and ability to think?

54:21 – Can stress actually cause physical problems?

1:04:54 – Could digestive problems be a blessing in disguise?

Thanks for coming on the show Rick, I know this is going to help a lot of people.

– Steve

Check out and see the great work they’re doing for people with chronic digestive illness. To follow SCDLifestyle Podcast, click here. If you’re interested in purchasing their e-book, click here or use the graphic ad link in the right hand column of this page.

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