Personal Crisis and Negative Thinking

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how anxiety and panic can unknowingly be a part of our crisis or problem situation and how important it is to know, so that it doesn’t further sabotage us. Well, in the same way, negative thinking can also be a part of our crisis situation WITHOUT US EVEN REALIZING IT.

I’m sure you’ve had occasion to meet someone (probably on a regular basis) who always seems to operate in the negative. They either spend the majority of their time talking about what they won’t or can’t do, or what they don’t or can’t have because of this or that. There are always excuses, always reasons and most of time these reasons and excuses are due to the blame game or their own negative thinking. To them, life is difficult, trying, a burden and most of all – unfair.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that these “negative thinking” people have no reason to complain or be negative and pessimistic. In fact, you will probably find that negative thinking people truly do have more to be negative and complain about than those who have an inspired, positive, optimistic attitude. This leads me a bit to the “chicken and egg” approach about the situation. Which came first?

Does Negative Thinking Cause Crisis or Does Crisis Cause Negative Thinking?

It’s a good question, don’t you think? How many negative thinkers out there create their crisis world by their negative thinking or pessimism? Well, I wish I could tell you the answer for certain by quoting statistics, but I can’t. But, what I can tell you is that I suspect negative thinking and crisis are pretty well “bound at the hip” so to speak. Wherever you find crisis, it’s likely that you’ll also find negative thinking or at worst, a pessimist. Or will you?

Show me one negative thinking pessimist who’s not in crisis of some sort! I dare you. Find me one.

I, however, can find you a person in crisis who’s not a negative thinking pessimist. The difference though, is that this person is much more difficult to find.

Why is that?

It all boils down to a little thing called PERSPECTIVE.

My question for you today, (person in crisis), WHAT IS YOUR PERSPECTIVE?

Remember, many times our thinking dictates our reality. No matter what your situation or crisis, don’t let negative thinking rule. Take the high road.

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