Amazing Grass Fed Beef Stock & Tallow

This week, as I do every couple of weeks, I once again made grass-fed beef stock and tallow. This particular stock was made from some great grass-fed beef knuckle bones from my Amish Farm source in Pennsylvania. I removed the stock from the stove yesterday afternoon, strained the broth and removed all of the great fat, marrow and meat that was left. This morning, I opened the fridge to find the best pot of stock and tallow that I’ve ever harvested from a set of bones. It was so awesome, I just had to share it on my website with some photos I took. If you want to learn how to make your own, check out the link below.

How to Make Beef Bone Stock and Tallow

The End Product: Gelatinous Beef Stock & Rich Beef Tallow

I actually reaped four jars of the most amazing, gelatinous beef stock. Below is only one jar of stock, alongside of what I call “liquid gold” – an amazing, rich beef tallow for sautéeing and frying. The stock doesn’t look liquid because it wasn’t. It was pure gelatin – so good for your skin, hair, brain and bones. Everything you see below can be richly incorporated into soups, vegetables, and all kinds of dishes. Who’d have thought so much great stuff would come from beef bones!

Image of beef stock and tallow

Cool Beef Stock and Tallow Right Out of the Fridge

Look at how thick the tallow was on top. It was so amazing that I was able to cut it into a wedge with a knife and remove it.

Looking at that amazing gelatin underneath the tallow. Wow! That’s the most jello I’ve ever gotten out of 6 lbs. of beef bones. Now you know where real jello comes from.

Here’s a photo of the beef tallow cut into slices. Looks like cheesecake.

A photo of that “liquid gold” beef tallow melting in the pan.

The beef tallow fully melted.

Beef “Faté” – Not one bit wasted…

Here’s a photo of the rest of the meat, fat and marrow that was left on the bones when removed from the stock. I put all of it in the Vitamix with a bit of broth, some grass fed cultured butter and salt and whizzed it up into what I call Beef “Faté.” It tastes fantastic! I’ll put it in the freezer and use it later for seasoning vegetables and soups.

Below is a close up of the beef “faté.”

Please let me know if you try this at home. I promise that once you start making your own homemade stocks and tallow, you won’t want to cook with anything else. Make sure you get good bones to do it and you’ll have a rich source of collagen, Vitamins A and D, and calcium – just to name a bit of the beneficial nutrients for your body. Oh, and don’t forget that amazing flavor either. Nothing compares to it.

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