FitBit The One™ Activity, Calorie & Sleep Tracker

Accurate Tracking and Accountability – Key in Weight Loss

Image of FitBit's The One Bluetooth Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

The key to success when it comes to weight loss and wellness is in accountability. The best way to be accountable on a daily basis is to track and chart your eating, exercise and sleep patterns. One of the best ways that I’ve found to do this is through an innovative piece of technology, called FitBit – The One™

Priced at only $99(US), FitBit’s The One™ is an all in one mini-computer that can be worn at all times on the belt, in your pocket, or clipped to your bra (if you’re a woman). In the daytime, it measures your activity by tracking your steps, distance, calories burned and the stairs you climb. At night, it tracks your sleep and aids in sleeping better. It will even wake you in the morning. Pretty cool, huh?

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Poor Sleep and Weight Gain are Related

As a coach and holistic health practitioner, I find that two of the most daunting issues that my clients face are weight managment and sleep issues. What’s even more surprising to most is that these two issues – overweight and sleep – are uniquely related. There’s a lot of research out there that demonstrates that if a person is not sleeping well on a continual basis, that he/she will most likely be gaining weight. This is why I’m excited to promote The One™, as it directly affects both of these difficult issues and adds a technological, accountable and trackable flair to the situation.

How FitBit The One™ Keeps You Accountable

If you’ve got any type of Apple device, FitBit will seamlessly sync the data it’s collected to your device. (Android users, you’re version is coming soon!) After you register your FitBit device, it will automatically sync with your smartphone or computer and begin to track your daily exercise and sleep patterns in a graphic format. By use of charts and helpful tools, you can easily see where your shortfalls are when it comes to activity and sleep. This is where my job as a coach adds some extra zing! I can monitor things with you by accessing your account. When you’re not living up to your daily required activity for fat burning or you’re not getting enough quality sleep, I can crack the whip and help you more easily line up with your wellness goals for success.

If you’re interested in reading more about this great, innovative product, just click HERE to access the FitBit website.