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Rick is an excellent confidant, executive coach and wellness expert…

Image of client Laura Carpenter-Vobornik at Executive Wellness Coach

“Without going into too many details and suffice it to say, I was going through a very difficult personal and business transition in my 30 + year corporate career. I employed Rick’s expertise and guidance and he was there to help me every step of the way through this arduous journey. He brought clarity into my vision and helped me focus on the necessary acts required to move forward positively. Rick Osborn’s physical and mental wellness expertise is unsurpassed and he is a “powerhouse specialist” in this area.

As a corporate career veteran, it’s difficult to share the struggles we endure out loud and I can honestly say that Rick listened intently and helped to guide me in the direction I needed to go to pursue my business dream. Additionally, trust and integrity are two key elements I adhere to when working with a business colleague and Rick displayed these characteristics magnificently. He walks his talk in every way he preaches and he truly is the person he says he is. I would highly recommend calling upon Rick for his invaluable guidance and insight especially when it comes to “wellness”!”

Laura Carpenter-Vobornik
Exceed Management Solutions

51 lbs. lost, new clarity and purpose!

Christie Sanner weight loss after working with Rick Osborn

“Being very much an emotional eater, I have been battling weight gain for years. It had always seemed like I kept going up and up. I would try diet plans – Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, to name a few, and would lose a few pounds, but always gained it back over time, and then some. A year ago, my weight had reached its all-time high at 211 lbs. On top of that, my hands and feet began to get these patches of raised red skin with thick silvery scales. I went to my dermatologist and was diagnosed with Psoriasis. I tried ointment, after ointment to no avail and also Enbrel injections, to no avail. It began to affect my work. I was told by my supervisors I would have to wear gloves to hide the psoriasis on my hands. I felt like my life was crashing in on me. That is when I met Rick. He explained to me that he was a Wellness Coach, specializing in diet and nutrition, among other things. He told me that if I was interested that he would help me work on my diet and nutrition habits and would come up with a strategy to help conquer this debilitating psoriasis. His theory was that the psoriasis I was experiencing was just a symptom of the many stressors I was putting on my body, including: poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and not dealing effectively with emotional stress. Working with Rick on a weekly basis has been the best thing that I have ever done! It truly is a gift that I have given to myself. I quickly learned that what Rick was saying, was “right on target.” He began to clean up my diet, teaching me about healthy, nutritional foods. He has also introduced me to healing natural supplements and vitamins – all without the negative side effects that medications typically have. As a result, I have more energy and have lost a little over 35 pounds in the last two months!

Just as a lack of exercise, bad eating habits, and not dealing effectively with emotional stress caused weight gain, I also discovered that these were contributing to put my life out of balance, and played a major role in bringing on the psoriasis. Rick has also begun to help me in other areas – financial budgeting, setting goals, establishing boundaries, improving relationships, career change, and at the very core – helping me find purpose, meaning and joy by deepening my spiritual life. Rick truly is helping me beyond what I could imagine. He is objective, knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic, and encouraging, always listens and is always there, whenever I need his counsel in any area. I finally feel like my life journey has begun again as Rick and I continue to work together on different areas of life that are important to me. Rick is indeed the very best of the best of personal life and wellness coaches and a confidante and friend for life!”

Christie S.