Foundational Suicide

Are you slowly committing “foundational suicide”? Are there cracks in your structure? Are you trying to stand on quicksand? Is it that for all of the struggling and fighting, you just keep sinking deeper? Are you looking for solace, safety, security and relief from the hardships that you’re facing? Well, there is hope. Whatever your […]

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Boundary Chart

Boundaries Mean Success

As of late, I keep encountering people, both within my counsel and without, who seem to have trouble understanding the concept of having solid life boundaries. No matter what the issue that people are dealing with, it can invariably be traced to NOT having solidly defined boundaries for their lives. In fact, it seems that […]

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7 – Are You a Passive Victim?

In my previous post, entitled “Being a Victim”, I listed what I believe to be the three kinds of victims and went on to explain the first – the “ignorant” victim. In this post, I’ll continue by explaining the second kind of victim: A Passive Victim – is someone who knowingly or willingly suffers from […]

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6 – Being a Victim

In Post # 4, I briefly touched on the issue of being the “victim”. I’d like to elaborate a bit more on this, because it plays (what I believe) a crucial role in the overall emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical well-being of an individual. As far as I can see it, if victimization is […]

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5 – Is Your Life Yours . . .

or, is it somebody else’s? Remember, in order to get your ship moving in the right direction, you have to be in control (standing at the helm, with your hands on the wheel). Many of us are passive observers of our own lives, hanging out in the lounge of our ship, taking no control or […]

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4 – Truths that Will Change You

Before I begin elaborating on how to “map” your way out of the fog of frustration, pain, worry, problems, etc., let’s reiterate where you should be at this point. First of all, if you’ve been following my advice, you should be standing at the the helm of your ship, holding the wheel in your hands, […]

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Hands on the Helm

3 – Finding Your Way

If you’ve been following my train of thought throughout my last couple of posts, you should now have a clear image of yourself standing at the helm of your ship, holding that wheel with both hands, ready to steer yourself in the right direction. You are the captain of your ship. Now, if we’re completely […]

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Hand on the Wheel

2 – Hands on Wheel – Now What?

Ok, so let’s take things a bit further. I know we talk about taking baby steps when we’re doing something difficult and trying to go from point A to point B. But, this is your life we’re talking about. It’s the only one you have and you had better make the best of it, otherwise, […]

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