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Being Thankful for the Trial

Being Thankful for the Trial

I’m just sitting here today at the beach. It’s early morning and as I watch the sun break just above the ocean, I can’t help but think about how thankful I am, just to be healthy and alive. This morning, God brought some bible verses to mind, specifically from the book of James in the […]

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Progressing in Your Spiritual Journey

You know, when it comes to daily living (in our health, spiritual journey, intelligence, or physical conditioning), we need to always keep a conscious check on our progress. We become so easily distracted with the “little things” no matter how big they may seem. We fail to keep the bigger picture in mind – which […]

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Live Your Best Life at - From Crisis to Renewal in 10 Weeks

Life Lessons from Tragedy

How much time do we waste worrying about things that don’t really matter? Too much – I know. How much time do we blow wishing we’d done something differently, worrying about yesterday or what the future may hold in store for us? What a waste of time and energy! This leads to me ponder the […]

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10 Crucial Steps to SuperCharge Your Life - From Crisis to Renewal at Life Coach

An Answer for Doubt, Fear and Uncertainty

These are three words that “pack a wallop”, especially in today’s world. It seems like these days we’re continuously being bludgeoned with news of more and more financial woes, the Stock Market plummeting, the latest bank failure or how Congress and the president have yet another “stimulus” bailout package that’s going to fix everything. And […]

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I Think . . ., Therefore I Am . . . –
Cogito Ergo Sum

Descartes wrote it long ago – this philosophical statement designed to describe how the very act of thinking indicates the existence of self. Many quote it today, myself included, almost in jest as a means to sound like an erudite. In my estimation the statement, “cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am” is […]

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Keep your destination at the forefront of your mind!

Begin Each Day with the End in Sight

An Exercise in Visualization to Gain Perspective and Achieve Goals Sometimes in the midst of life, we tend to become overwhelmed with the difficulties of the moment, to the point of being paralyzed with fear and confusion. Perhaps this is the case with you. Maybe all you see right now are problems and not solutions […]

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