Personal Stimulus During Financial Crisis

Let’s face it, things in our world and nation are looking rather dim these days. A weakening economy, unprecedented job losses and unemployment, failing banks, crooks on Wall Street and in financial institutions, ponzi schemes galore – it seems endless. And to make matters worse, the media is stewing us in the doom and gloom of the day – inciting more anxiety in the hearts of all who watch and listen. Quite frankly, some days it seems a bit too much to take. Still even worse is when these economic ills begin to directly affect our lives. Many of us who once felt secure about our careers and financial future, now find ourselves jobless in the storm of a troubled economy. Or maybe, you’re finding yourself financially strapped with a bad mortgage or rising debt, unable to meet your rising payments.

Filling the hearts and minds of many are despair, fear, uncertainly, panic and anxiety – to name a few. Oh, how we long for the days when things seemed so certain and predictable – when jobs were a plenty and money seemed available to make dreams come true.

From Financial Stimulus to Personal Stimulus

It appears that our government is trying to figure out a way to help us out, to make sure that we all don’t end up circling the drain together. Will this Financial Stimulus work? I don’t know. Does anyone really know? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “NO”. It would seem that even the brightest economists don’t know. And given that I’m not really that political a creature, I won’t comment on what I think about it. However, I will share some wisdom that I believe is relevant to each of us for our personal situations. These Seven Tips are ways that I believe if we practice, will help each of us stay on track in the midst of an apparent global, financial train wreck.

Crucial Tips for Personal Financial Stimulus:

  1. Be mindful of Who’s really in control. It’s not Barak Obama, Congress or anyone else, but God, our Creator and Sustainer, Who has the final say in what happens in our lives. Placing and keeping our trust in Him and His divine providence over our lives will help us remain joyful, positive and encouraged during these difficult times. Here are a couple of great biblical passages to consider – Psalm 62: 5-12 and Isaiah 55:1-13.
  2. Do not neglect personal responsibility. What troubles me greatly in the midst of our current chaos is that so many are turning to our government for a “bailout” or some handout. I do realize that something needs to be done to improve a crisis situation, but we must each fight this “bailout” mentality on a personal level. Rather we should each strive to be personally responsible for our situation. Instead of looking to everyone else for help, let’s work to forge our own way and be responsible for making our way through this difficulty.
  3. Be resourceful. This is the time to really apply ourselves, to be creative, to be ingenious – not fainthearted, desperate and weak. God has equipped each of us with good minds (if you’re reading this, I know this applies to you) and talents to make our way in this world, no matter what our circumstances. Search for answers and solutions for your situation. Let’s not wait around for the government or anyone else to tell us what we should be doing. If you need to pay down debt and revamp your finances, check out The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. If you’re overweight, feeling sick and sluggish, here’s a truly remarkable weight loss program that I wrote with a couple of fitness experts If you need direct personal help with something, feel free to Contact Me.
  4. Be proactive. If you don’t know how, then find out. If you don’t have a job, then work to find one. If you’re overweight, then take the right steps to lose the fat. The point here is, and I’m about to wax eloquent – GET OFF YOUR BUTT (both literally and figuratively)! If your situation calls for change, then move, move move. Mix it up, beat the bushes. Like the last tip says, find creative ways and BE PROACTIVE. Put them to good use and watch your life begin to change. If you need a little inspiration to do this, read my blog on Taking Flight.
  5. Be positive. It’s true that misery loves company, but as soon as your miserable company starts feeling better, they’ll leave you in the dust. Nobody wants to be around negativity. And most likely, no one is going to hire you if you’re a “stick in the mud” misery. Positivity breeds more positivity. If you’re a supercharged, upbeat, positive person, you can bet that people will gravitate to you. I’m not saying to be fake, but keep things on the positive side.
  6. Never accept mediocrity. W. Somerset Maugham stated, “It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the very best, you will get it.” Years ago there was a great preacher who had the motto “Excellence in all things – all things to God’s glory!” engraved on a placard on the side of his church. What a great standard to live by – to never accept the mundane, the ordinary, but only to strive for the best for ourselves, especially with regards to our own work ethic, remembering that what we do, we do for God’s glory.
  7. Stay away from evil. You would think that this would go without saying, but in these difficult times, it’s going to be even more tempting to resort to shady shortcuts and unethical dealings to make ends meet. Don’t do it. Just like so many of the greedy money mongers on Wall Street who deceived so many and started much of the financial mess that we now face, taking unethical shortcuts in the business realm will eventually lead to disaster. It’s important that we stay on the “up and up” and take the high road. God honors right motives. And just as important, you’ll honor yourself for doing the right thing.

By keeping the above seven tips in mind, we’ll weather this financial crisis much better. Let’s stop worrying about the “Financial Stimulus” and focus on our own “Personal Stimulus” to make our lives as productive and financially successful as possible.

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    Barry Bragg February 9, 2009 at 3:12 pm #

    Great advice Rick. It’s hard to go wrong when presenting solutions to problems from a Biblical perspective. In meeting with Mark Cress on Friday, he said you have to outrun the recession. You should always move ahead and step in the right direction with faith assurance that God will provide. As in most cases though, it will be in God’s ways and His timing.

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