1 – Aimless in the Fog of Frustration . . .

It seems these days that a lot of people are existing in a state of perpetual frustration – always wanting to be in a different place (or for circumstances to change), but rarely seem to get there.

Here are some examples:

  • “Why can’t I lose weight?”
  • “Why am I depressed?”
  • “How come I never have any energy?”
  • “Why can’t I ever seem to get ahead?”
  • “I hate my job.”
  • “My spouse drives me nuts!”
  • “Nobody likes me.”
  • “Why don’t I ever have any money?”

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know – Everybody has their problems. But a lot of people are just stuck in a rut. Why is this? It’s even a question that I must continually ask myself, as I try to help myself and others. Perhaps that’s why I’m endeavoring to make my own way with this website and blog.

Of course, we all should be living according to a solid belief system, if we even have one. We should have very specific rules that govern our lives and goals that we are striving for, otherwise we’re like a ship in the fog with no captain – you know the ones that simply get thrashed around in the turmoil of the sea, but never arrive anywhere, except by happenstance.

Ship in the fog

In retrospect, how many of us spend our lives on that symbolic ship, merely observing, merely hoping that someone would step up to the wheel and steer it in the right direction? I know I have at times. But the point is this – we all are on our own ship (life). The question is, who’s doing the driving? In my counseling and consulting sessions, I find that most people are just sitting in their own ship, waiting for someone else to give them the answer or to even do the driving. Or, they’re standing on the edge of the boat with their eyes anxiously fixed upon the horizon, hoping and praying that they’ll soon see land – FRUSTRATED all the way. The problem is – they’re not doing anything to get to land. Furthermore, and maybe even worse is that many don’t even know to which direction they want to go.

Okay, so here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth, if you’re one of these people. I’ll break it out so it’s easy to understand:

  1. Recognize that you are in your own ship (aka your life is your own).
  2. Realize that you and only you are responsible for that ship (for your life).
  3. Get off your butt and grab the wheel (take control and responsibility for your life now).
  4. Start driving (start living).

If you can tackle those four point today, and I believe you can. The rest will become much, much clearer. And you know what? Your frustration will start to go away.

Now next time, I’ll give you my thoughts about where to go once you’ve actually got your hands on the wheel.

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