Do You Have Faith?

Inevitably, over the span of a client relationship in the coaching process, the topic of faith comes to the forefront. As an executive coach, wellness consultant and mentor, I never force my faith in God upon anyone. But, the truth is that I am a Christian, and without judgment, principles of the Christian faith are interwoven into my coaching strategy and style. I do not label myself as a “Christian Coach,” however, I do acknowledge the power and importance of faith in God in the life of a person seeking true direction, redemption and resolution in life.

Why people Hire me as a Coach

Most people contract with me as a Coach and Mentor out of a need to find solutions for some type of problem, crisis, pain or challenge. They seek to find meaning, motivation, accountability, resolution, success and renewal without the stigma of “seeing a therapist” or the formality of a church setting. They desire a safe and confidential environment where they are free to express the issues at hand. Below are some examples of why people seek me out as a coach:

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  • To conquer a secret personal issue
  • For conflict resolution involving work, family or a friend
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Solutions for weight loss
  • Help with diet and nutrition
  • Overcoming Anxiety issues
  • Help finding balance and wellness for life
  • To learn how to cope with Stress at work and at home
  • For help overcoming Midlife Crisis

A God-shaped hole

While the above are valid reasons for entering a coaching relationship, there often seems to be a deeper reason for seeking out a coach, counselor, minister or mentor for help. Many usually feel that there is simply something (that they often cannot explain) that is missing in their lives. It is my fervent belief that we all are born with a “God-shaped” hole in our hearts. Unfortunately, many wander through life searching to fill this emptiness in the wrong places and with wrong things. Most will probably admit that “faith” is something important, but attempt to define it according to their own terms, devoid of the power of a God relationship. In my opinion, a life without the powerful wind of true faith in Christ is a life that will never achieve true joy, fulfillment and potential. This doesn’t discount the power of using a secular coaching approach to help one move through difficult issues and find solutions that lead to a place of success in life. Even still, it is my belief that until a person satisfies that knawing void in one’s life with a faith relationship in God, he or she will continue to wander in a quiet or resounding quest for a means to fill it.

Some coaches may disagree with me about the faith issue. That is their right. In fact, I know several coaches who are extremely successful and gifted at what they do, who do not believe as I do about faith in God. But still, at the end of this life when all is said and done and we’re facing eternity – there is where the sum of our life’s achievements will truly matter. Only there, is where true FAITH will have its truest and most meaningful reward.

In my humble opinion and experience, a life without true faith in God is a life without real inspiration, true meaning and significance. Therein lies the power of real faith in the life of a successful and fulfilled individual. While this certainly is not the only thing I share with my clients as a coach, it is a vital aspect of a SUPERCHARGED strategy in finding resolution, redemption, renewal and success for a happy life.

What are your thoughts about faith in God? Here’s a simple video that represents mine.

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3 Responses to Do You Have Faith?

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    Christie Sanner September 17, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    You are so right Rick!!! Faith is something that I believe is so critical and important, in each of our lives, to have, the one thing that will help get us through each day of our lives, and through our daily struggles that we face. I believe that we are all on a journey in our Faith walk. We are all at different spots along the way. I want to continue to delve more into it, through discussion and learning more each and every day, continuing to grow and deepen my Faith journey. Thank you for sharing and reminding through your powerful blogs to have Faith each and every day and to rely on our Faith.

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    Rick Osborn July 15, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Hi Karen, thanks for the kind words. I hope you continue to find my site informative.


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